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Monthly Archives:September 2015

First Camping Trip

So we embarked on our first camping trip this weekend.  To say it was a first camping trip is a bit of a stretch, but it was the first time for us to take a camping trip in our RV!  But the road to fun was rocky.  First off, the hubby and I have been very busy with work this past week.  I had a break on my statistics class, which was good luck.  No quiz…woohoo!  But this was graduation week for my teaching job, and we had several employees out due to position turnover.  All this just equates to me being busy and doing enough work for two or three employees.  The hubby was the same with several work emergencies popping up, and he almost asked to back out of the trip.  I’m glad we went.  By 5:45 PM we were able to pull our rig out for the adventure.  I’ll be honest, hooking it up was really easy!

First Camping Trip- Rolling Out

Rolling Out on our trip

The Modified Capsule Wardrobe

What a beautiful mess! This week I took on the arduous task of cleaning out my closet.  But I didn’t just clean the closet, I feel like I have cleaned my life.   The idea of a Capsule Wardrobe entered my mind as soon as we decided we were going to move into a camper, but I’ve also loved the idea of having a life uniform.  I wear a uniform to work everyday, and I love it.  It saves me time, and I know I will always feel comforatable wherever I go in it.  After reading an article about a woman who started making her own office uniform, I knew an off duty uniform is something I would love to have.

With this idea of a modified Capsule Wardrobe in mind, I have started developing my own life uniform.  It is a cross between a signature piece and a style.  I love my new minimalist wardrobe, and I know it will transition well between seasons.  So let’s start with the rules I set for myself:

1. Start with a basic uniform piece.  For me, my signature item is a popover shirt.  These shirts are so versital and can be worn during almost all seasons.  I am on the straight side when it comes to my figure, so I love pieces that have structure but with soft textures.  I can layer these over and under other pieces, or wear them on my own.  Your signature or basic uniform piece may be a button up oxford like martha stewart, or it could be the basic tee shirts.  I have 6 tunics that I can rotate and mix in match with other pieces.

Weekend Catch-up: The camper is level!!

My husband is the MacGyver of the home. He is the Einstein of power tools and the Davinci of lumber.  Guess what he did?  He and that handy little girl of ours have built a ramp-platform thing to level the camper on.  We have been a bit frustrated these past couple weeks because of our uneven driveway.  The slope was so great that it would have been unsafe to use the slides and open her all the way up.  But now, thanks to this engineering marvel they have created, we can open her all the way up!  So check out the photo.  It’s made with 2x6s and was super heavy to place.  Backing the camper in place on top of it was much easier than expected.  This is by no means a great permanent solution, but for our temporary purposes, it works.  We can now pack up without squeezing through the bathroom to get into places.  I’m so stoked!

Leveling the Camper

A picture of our temporary ramp.

Life is Moving

Life is moving along, and we’ve been focusing on getting our camper out on the road all this week.  We still have a house to sell though!  It has been on our minds for a while but life has just been getting in the way of us preparing for it.  We are hoping to have the house on the market by 1 November, and that date is quickly approaching.  We have lived in this home for six years, which is a long time given our work.  This has been a wonderful area to live in.  I didn’t realize how positive South Mississippi could be.  But since the disaster of Katrina, this area has such a strong sense of community.  It is a different world than the South Mississippi I grew up with.  And I love it!

Mississippi Gulf Coast

Photo by Stacy Braswell via www.freeimages.com/

Planning your first RV Outing- RV Checklist

Heck yeah I’m excited!

The hubby and I have finalized our plans to head out and take the camper out for her first weekend.   When we purchased the RV, our dealership gave us a promotional voucher for a  weekend to Wolf River Resort.   We are so STOKED!  Now we have just realized that there is so much to do before the big day.  I feel like I’m planning a wedding.  I have to make a list, pack, check everything twice, make sure the cars are ready.  This is all very exciting!  I’m so glad we are going somewhere close for a short weekend trip first.  The idea that there is are service centers and supermarkets make me feel better about going out.  The folks at Wolf River have been very helpful with setting up the time.  I can tell already that we will be near professionals.

So far we have placed very little in the camper.  I don’t want to purchase things that look neat and we are just not going to use, so now I am trying to come up with a list of items.  Along the way, I am going to try to develop some checklists for different situations.  Those would include, first time out, camping for a week, and living full time.   Each of these things, we will be doing in the next 6 months!  EEEKK!  I’m excited, and nervous, and feeling adventurous all at once.  So the first one up is, what to bring for the first time out.  Feel free to download and use this for your own RV adventures.  Be sure to link back, if you are wanting to re-post!

Click the link below for RV Checklist

Click the link below

First Time Out

So what else would you add to your list?  I would love to get input and update for others to use.