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About our Rig- Buying an RV

About our Rig- Buying an RV

We actually started packing the camper today.  I can’t tell you how exciting it was to put paper plates in a cabinet.  Woo-hoo!  We spent a lot of time searching and were a bit overwhelmed at times when it came to buying an RV.  Anyway, to tell you a little about this rig.  It’s a 2015 Crossroads Elevation, Las Vegas.  We are thinking that it should be PLENTY of room for two adults, two dogs, and a kid. I’m sure I’ll feel different after the first month of living in it!  We picked it up a local and established RV sales lot.   They were awesome.  Low pressure, and low haggling.   I think we got a good deal, and that’s what counts!

Crossroads Elevation, Las Vegas RV

So Shiny!!

The whole process was a bit of a whirlwind.  Seriously, the paperwork was so much easier than any car or house we have ever bought.  After only one hour in the office, we owned a new RV, and were scheduled for pick up the next weekend.  The pick-up was the hard part.  The guys there at the RV lot chuckled at us for picking the biggest camper on the lot as first time buyers.  We just laughed uneasily and said something like “Go big or go home”.  There were quite a few hang ups when going through the inspection process.  Some fuses blew, the recliner was bent, and an awning was hung up.  These were minor issues and were fixed easily, but after a long day of waiting while the service folks chased a faulty fuse, we began to feel a little buyer’s remorse. I talked to my friend who recently bought a camper and she said they experienced the same thing, until they took it out for the first time!

Crossroads Elevation, Las Vegas RV

Where my kid likes to read books.

For now, it’s parked in the driveway and waiting.  We open it up for air, and start the generator, but no adventures yet.  Just dreams.  I can tell you though, the feeling of buyer’s remorse has left us, and we are learning about her quickly.  I can’t wait to take it out.  On a side note, I think she’s been named, but may have to reconsider for a more kid friendly name.  Our neighbor exclaimed “That’s a Big Bx^&!” as soon as he saw her.  An official christening is pending…

Tips For Buying an RV

Tips for buying an RV

Here are some tips we learned from the buying process:

  1. Don’t ever pay MSRP.  Most RVs and campers will sell for as low as 30 to 45% below this number.
  2. Make a lists of Musts vs. Wants.  Our number one Must was two bathrooms.  This may seem like a luxury, but with us living in it and trying to get ready for work, it was a must.  It also narrowed our choices.
  3. Get smart on towing weights and what your truck can handle.  This website helped a lot when searching for a camper to match our truck.
  4. Read up on RV forums.  We looked through it seemed like a million threads of information and experience.
  5. Dealers sell their own brands, just like a car dealership.  You may have to look at several dealerships to see all of the brands.  It is worth it though.  You can tell the difference when it comes to fit and finish.  We walked into a couple models that were practically falling apart.
  6. Don’t forget to factor in insurance, tag, title etc. in the process.  Along with this there are going to several upfront purchases you will need to make as soon as you purchase the RV.  Be prepared!

What have you learned?  What suggestions do you have for new and first time buyers?  I will definitely revisit this list, hind sight is always 20/20.

Becca S

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