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Planning your first RV Outing- RV Checklist

Planning your first RV Outing- RV Checklist

Heck yeah I’m excited!

The hubby and I have finalized our plans to head out and take the camper out for her first weekend.   When we purchased the RV, our dealership gave us a promotional voucher for a  weekend to Wolf River Resort.   We are so STOKED!  Now we have just realized that there is so much to do before the big day.  I feel like I’m planning a wedding.  I have to make a list, pack, check everything twice, make sure the cars are ready.  This is all very exciting!  I’m so glad we are going somewhere close for a short weekend trip first.  The idea that there is are service centers and supermarkets make me feel better about going out.  The folks at Wolf River have been very helpful with setting up the time.  I can tell already that we will be near professionals.

So far we have placed very little in the camper.  I don’t want to purchase things that look neat and we are just not going to use, so now I am trying to come up with a list of items.  Along the way, I am going to try to develop some checklists for different situations.  Those would include, first time out, camping for a week, and living full time.   Each of these things, we will be doing in the next 6 months!  EEEKK!  I’m excited, and nervous, and feeling adventurous all at once.  So the first one up is, what to bring for the first time out.  Feel free to download and use this for your own RV adventures.  Be sure to link back, if you are wanting to re-post!

Click the link below for RV Checklist

Click the link below

First Time Out

So what else would you add to your list?  I would love to get input and update for others to use.

Becca S