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Life is Moving

Life is Moving

Life is moving along, and we’ve been focusing on getting our camper out on the road all this week.  We still have a house to sell though!  It has been on our minds for a while but life has just been getting in the way of us preparing for it.  We are hoping to have the house on the market by 1 November, and that date is quickly approaching.  We have lived in this home for six years, which is a long time given our work.  This has been a wonderful area to live in.  I didn’t realize how positive South Mississippi could be.  But since the disaster of Katrina, this area has such a strong sense of community.  It is a different world than the South Mississippi I grew up with.  And I love it!

Mississippi Gulf Coast

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So where do we begin when it comes to the boxing up process?  It has been great to start packing the RV with some of our things to get the duplicates and extras out of the way.  Having the camper parked in our driveway has been helpful in that way.  I think we have a solid timeline, though.  We are reserving a storage unit in October.  This will give us 4 weeks to de-clutter and stage the house.  There are a few minor repairs and some painting to be completed.  After packing all but the minimum needed to make the house look both spacious and cozy at the same time, we are putting the home on the market in the first part of November.  We’ve sold a home before, and are nervous about entering this process again.  The last time was a disaster!  A buyer fraudulently entered information in the closing documents.  They then squatted and tore up our home for a couple weeks.  Finally, the police were able to arrest them, but not after they had left the place dirty and a mess.  The whole process was very costly.  And…they left their dirty clothes!  Who does that?  I am sure this was a worst-case scenario, but not a situation I want to end up in again.

The plan after is having a great selling process this time (positive thinking right?!).  Then will move seamlessly into the camper and live in it while we search out our new land and home.  I will bake little miniature cupcakes and write about our romantic vacations in the tiny house on wheels. . . and then wake up)!!  Moving is getting harder for our family and we hope that this may be one of the last major uproots, if not last, we have to make.  The youngest of our family has not known any other grade school, and it breaks my heart to know she is going to have to leave all of her friends and teachers behind to move to another state.  Just today, she attended her first book club meeting, and came home glowing about how great it was.  Their group is studying plays right now.  The first that they reviewed is the “Legend of Lightning Larry” and she already has a part (citizen #8)!   How cute is that story, right?!  These small moments are going to get harder each day as the time closes in for the big transition. In the meantime, we are trying to take it one day at a time.  This weekend I have a large work event but also plan on painting the pool deck, packing my sewing items, planning a capsule closet for the transition, and finishing my Stats class homework.  Is there a word out there stronger than BUSY?

Becca S