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The Modified Capsule Wardrobe

The Modified Capsule Wardrobe

What a beautiful mess! This week I took on the arduous task of cleaning out my closet.  But I didn’t just clean the closet, I feel like I have cleaned my life.   The idea of a Capsule Wardrobe entered my mind as soon as we decided we were going to move into a camper, but I’ve also loved the idea of having a life uniform.  I wear a uniform to work everyday, and I love it.  It saves me time, and I know I will always feel comforatable wherever I go in it.  After reading an article about a woman who started making her own office uniform, I knew an off duty uniform is something I would love to have.

With this idea of a modified Capsule Wardrobe in mind, I have started developing my own life uniform.  It is a cross between a signature piece and a style.  I love my new minimalist wardrobe, and I know it will transition well between seasons.  So let’s start with the rules I set for myself:

1. Start with a basic uniform piece.  For me, my signature item is a popover shirt.  These shirts are so versital and can be worn during almost all seasons.  I am on the straight side when it comes to my figure, so I love pieces that have structure but with soft textures.  I can layer these over and under other pieces, or wear them on my own.  Your signature or basic uniform piece may be a button up oxford like martha stewart, or it could be the basic tee shirts.  I have 6 tunics that I can rotate and mix in match with other pieces.

2. Add in your staples.  These are my toss away pieces.  I added in several tank tops, and t-shirts in grey , white, and black.  I usually am very rough on these items.  I sweat, cook, and move around alot at the house, so I burn through these items pretty quickly.  I like to just get soft cheap ones that are easy to replace when needed.

3. Add a variety of pants.  Some folks think that the shirt makes an outfit dressy or casual.  I would argue that the pants are the real decider. I picked a minimal variety of pants to include: A skinny jean, a boot cut jean, a black legging, a olive hiking pant, a pair of grey slacks, and a pair of chinos.  This let’s me change the feel and comfort of the outfit by just switching it up subtly.  Here is where you want to put your money.  At this point I’d like to add that depending on your climate, you may want to have shorts.  I recommend a pair of Khaki,  and a pair of chambray.

4. Add Warmth.  I like to layer my clothes, so I added a grey sweater, an oversized black sweater, and a black turtleneck.  Additionally, I have a jean jacket, a small coat and a large coat to layer over all my other clothes.

5. Shoes and accessories.  I love statement necklaces.  I have ears that stick out, so I’ve never been a fan of earrings.  However necklaces are my thing!  You could make your signature accessory a scarf if you want.  Accessories are a very small way to change up a whole look.  I would recommend going cheap on accessories because they can be very seasonal and may not be appropriate next year.  For the shoes, I have never had too many shoes, so this was easy.  A glossy black flat, A pair of Chucks,  a pair of low boots.

So that’s it.  Those were my five guidelines that helped me to pair down to build it right.

So without further ado . . . here is a run down of what is in my closet:

  • Capsule Closet
    This is my signature item. Not to fancy, not too fussy but just enough classic styling with the color. Dress it up or down, this shirt is so versatile. This one is from Target.com . Right now there is a great selection in the Merona brand, and it seems like there is a new patterned popover each season. I like to stick with small uniform patterns with these. I have about six of these in different patterns and neutral colors.

I hope this inspires you to try something new.  I could fit my entire wardrobe into a large suitcase, and that is pretty amazing!  What would you include in your Capsule Wardrobe?

Below, I’ve added the direct links to the images shown:

Popover Shirt

Basic T-shirt






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