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First Camping Trip

First Camping Trip

So we embarked on our first camping trip this weekend.  To say it was a first camping trip is a bit of a stretch, but it was the first time for us to take a camping trip in our RV!  But the road to fun was rocky.  First off, the hubby and I have been very busy with work this past week.  I had a break on my statistics class, which was good luck.  No quiz…woohoo!  But this was graduation week for my teaching job, and we had several employees out due to position turnover.  All this just equates to me being busy and doing enough work for two or three employees.  The hubby was the same with several work emergencies popping up, and he almost asked to back out of the trip.  I’m glad we went.  By 5:45 PM we were able to pull our rig out for the adventure.  I’ll be honest, hooking it up was really easy!

First Camping Trip- Rolling Out

Rolling Out on our trip

The dogs traveled surprisingly well.  They even settled down after about 5 minutes.  Cute road buddies, huh?

First Camping Trip: Puppy

Turn around silly! You are doing it wrong!

Just a few minutes down the road, and we were setting up camp.  The pull through was easy and we were able to get centered and situated easily.  Tip for new you guys:  Try connecting everything at least once before leaving the house.  I know this sounds obvious, but we didn’t think about it.  I can’t tell you how embarrassing and silly we felt unwrapping and fumbling with hoses while trying to get the thing hooked up.  We did have everything.  I’m so happy too, because it was late Friday night when we left, so we would have been SOL if we forgot something.    After an extremely stressful Friday, it was nice to just know we made it.  We toasted to camping and slept soundly that night.

The next day, we explored the campgrounds.   The puppies loved the walking trail.  It was sandy and totaled about half a mile out.  The little girl enjoyed walking them and looking at the nature around.  We saw some eastern lubber grasshoppers (they were huge!) and a brown rabbit.

First Camping Trip- Nature Walk

Plenty of room to run!

The walking trails led to a cozy little beach right on Wolf River.  It’s just the right size to launch a small boat or canoe.



First Time Camping- The Beach

Not a person in sight. On a Saturday too!

Later on, Dad and Kid went fishing.  They had to get fishing licenses real quick, but that was easy since there was a really nice Walmart nearby.  Seriously, the nicest Walmart I’ve ever seen.  The docks for fishing were cute, and there were fish just jumping out of the water at us!

First Time Camping

A little fishing. Didn’t catch anything, but it was fun and relaxing.

All in all, this was a really relaxing trip.  When the only problem in your day is getting a tangled line, and having trouble finding a stick to roast marshmallows, then it’s a great weekend.

On Sunday it was time to leave.  We were very impressed with the staff, and all of the campers there.  This may be something only other pet owners can relate to, but when you see someone dutifully picking up their dog doo while on a walk, it makes you feel good about the area you are in.  When we left, since it was a free stay, we watched were asked to watch a promotional video on their camping membership at the end.  The hubby and I were sold, and with all of the moving and traveling we are going to be doing in the next few years, it made financial sense.  Plus, this is my home town and the campground is on “river front” property.  You can’t beat that.  I’m excited for the new adventures to come.

We hooked the rig back up and were on our way in just a few minutes back to the house (and to the chores).  Backing the beast into our driveway was not the nightmare it was the first time.  And the hubby ended up centering it and setting it up himself.  I stepped in a fire ant bed that I didn’t notice in the rain.  a prescription dosage of Benadryl later I was out to the world.  Allergies can really ruin your afternoon!  But the trip made it worth it!

Becca S