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Monthly Archives:October 2015

Building a steel house

How cute is this house?

Now look closer at it.  It is totally a steel building.  You know, the storage unit/warehouse kind.  I didn’t even realize these were a thing until I saw a recent Facebook post showing an interior of one.  The difference is like night and day when comparing this to a warehouse.  This has me considering building a steel house for our next residence.  A friend of mine at work confirmed that they do feel like houses inside.  Her mom had one built in Texas as her home; this one was different and had a dome top.  But the interior is amazing!

Packing the house up

I feel like I’m stuck in one of those episodes of hoarders right now.  Sorry for that visual if you clicked the link. My house is not really that bad.  We are just smack dab in the middle of packing up 12 years worth of “We’ll sort this out at our next house”.   It’s been a while since we have put a house on the market, so this has been a lot of back breaking work to try to get things right.   Packing the house up is going to take a while, but luckily we are pretty organized and keep all of our collections in containers.  The portability is awesome!  As we were cleaning out the attic, I have to admit, we found three Christmas trees.  My husband quickly questioned my judgement as a human by how I pick out decorations.  I then reminded him that he owns no less than three power drills.  Here is a sample of what our personal hell is looking like:

Packing the house

Packing the house

Packing the house

Packing the house


So I did it.  I finally hit the wall.  To say I’m overwhelmed might be a bit of an understatement.  I’m somewhere in this weird spot where I’m so ready to move, but have way too much to do before making that happen.  If there is a way to stop time, or add more time in the day, please let me know.  I need it.  I need time, and contacts, and extra arms, and a nap!  Thursday, I had the bright idea of getting all of my daughter’s medical appointments out of the way.  I know she may miss some school during this upcoming  move, so I wanted to minimize this as much as possible by only taking her out one day.

Staging a home: Decorating a Plant Ledge

Plant Ledge.  Ugh.

So this falls under “Things I’m not really excited to do when trying to sell my home.”  To me, staging a home means no longer making it your own.  Trying to erase what is quirky and unique about your style and to make it sell-able.  This means showcasing things in your house you have overlooked or neglected, and trying to cheer it up.  When we bought this house, we knew that we would not be living in it for more than a few years.  I’m surprised we have stayed at this location for almost 6 years now!  That is a long time for us.  While house hunting, we looked for things that were not faddish, and a layout that fit the typical buyer.  It is not my style, but it will do.  And it has done a great job for the past 6 years.  It put 1 kid through college, one through High School and enlisting into the military.  And for our youngest, it has been her only school system she’s known.