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Moving Out Quickly!

Moving Out Quickly!

And… we are back to frantic mode again!  The hubby and I are so happy that the offer worked out, and we have come to a deal.  Our house is officially off the market and in contract.  The catch is that we have to be moved out in exactly 7 days from today.  7 days!

Even with our house staged, we still had a full house of furniture.  So what have we done in the last couple days?

Unloading the trailer

Unloading the trailer

Day – 7 :

Bought a ton of boxes.  We were able to get several boxes from friends who had just moved into the area, but it just wasn’t enough.  I began packing books and heavy items into small boxes.  Other items packed were: Serve ware, decorations, unnecessary electronics, photos, most dishes, large pots and pans, small appliances,  and toys.  We are using the Kiddo’s extensive stuffed animal collection to serve as padding for the boxes.  We told her opening the boxes will be like Christmas!  Next I reserved an extra storage unit.  These are expensive!  Who knew space cost so much! We also made reservations at a local RV resort.  Thankfully it is the off season and there is space.   They are no longer with the Coast-to-Coast program, but the Passport America makes their rates reasonable.  Cancelled our Thanksgiving plans.  The timeline really was a surprise, we were thinking we would have just a little more time before the move.  I might be able to fit a turkey breast in some time, but just not on Wednesday.

Strapping Down the Propane tanks

The hubby demonstrating how to secure the Propane Tanks for vehicle movement. Safety First!

Day – 6:

Bought more boxes.  Cancelled the Termite/Insect service after our last inspection today.  Moved large furniture items to storage units. . . yes that’s an “s”!  We have a lot of crap.  But in our defense, we are storing items for our adult kids and adult parents too.  We filled up the propane tanks for the RV.  I’ll be getting some use out of that gas stove soon enough!  Finally, we emptied the attic.  All of our stuff is now on one level.  Since our dining room is empty, we have designated it as the “keep” zone.  Anything that will be staying with us in the RV gets dropped into this area.  Creating these zones also helps us to stay organized.

So what are we doing with our little girl and the school system during this time?  Well, that’s kind of fluid.  We are really blessed to have our in-laws live within 5 miles of us.  They moved down to Mississippi with us, and plan to travel with us to our next home.  Mom comes and helps the kiddo on the bus everyday, and Mom and Pop are a big part of our life.  The RV resort is literally 2 miles up the road in the same school district.  So we are really lucky to just move, but not have to change anything in her life other than the bed she sleeps in.  That is for now.  We are still trying to figure out how to navigate the last two months of the school year.  Since we have to be to our next assignment in March, we may just let her finish the school year living with Mom and Pop.   But who knows, we could have our next house already by then, and let her join up to a new school for the last couple months.

A lot of this is out of our control for now.  I try not to stress about it, and make the best decisions we can as they come.  For now though, we focus on packing up this house!

Drink of the night: “Not Your Father’s Root Beer”

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