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Moving Out Quickly (Pt. 3)

Moving Out Quickly (Pt. 3)

So we are here! When we last left off on our adventure, we were packing our life into storage units and moving into the camper. Well, we managed to do that, and I thought it was going to kill us! There’s so much more I wish I were able to do. I wish I was able to clean the house up more. I wish I was able to pack the RV better. And I wish we had done more laundry before moving in. Time doesn’t wait for wishes though!

Empty Dining Room

Empty Dining Room

Day – 3 During the last few days we packed up everything indoors except toiletries and the mattresses. The little girl managed to catch impetigo and it progressed to a staph infection. We spent the evening going to the ER to get some medication so her foot would not fall off before Monday. She is doing much better now, and after a follow up with the doctor where they pushed out some nasty junk, you’d never thing she had a problem at all.

Day – 2 I had to return to work, so this day was used by my hubby packing up the garage and the tool shed. We left a lot of things for the new homeowners in there. Things like pool chemicals, cleaning supplies, lawn fertilizer, and pool salt. The buyers happened to stop by to check on the progress of the home inspection and we were able to talk to them about it and make sure they were okay with us leaving those items. We also moved into our RV at the campground. It was total chaos.

Day – 1 This was a mad rush to get all the last items into the home. I’m not even sure what all is in these boxes. I spent the majority of this time trying to figure out how we had managed to collect 17 band aid packages in the house. I guess with a small girl with skin issues we collect them frequently.

Master Bed Packed

Day – 0 It is done. We left the keys on the counter and took one last tour of the home. What a relief to be finished. The hubby and I spent the night just smiling at each other loving not having to touch another box!

So this is it. We have finished moving out quickly.  And, we’ve completed our move into the RV. It’s been about a week since we handed over the keys. I can’t say that everything is all hunky dory yet. There is still a lot of settling in we have to do, but we are definitely getting by. Right now the hubby and I are trying to figure out internet. We made the mistake of connecting an Xbox to a Verizon Jetpack we had just received. 40 GB later, we figure out this was a bad idea. I’ve never seen a device burn through data so quickly! We have a lot more research to do on this one!

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