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2015 Advent Calendar made easy!

2015 Advent Calendar made easy!

We ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Pt. 2 “The leftovers return”, all thanks to my in-laws.  It’s been years since someone else has cooked the big meal for me, so this was absolutely wonderful!  What a great break!  With all of this extra time, I was able to focus and create our Advent Calendar for December.  I usually make one with cardstock and put it on the wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree, but space is at a premium these days.  So, I picked up this cute one at Target.  This really was an impulse buy, but I knew as soon as I saw it, it would be perfect.  The little pockets are perfect for a slip of paper and a small piece of candy.  My daughter saw it hung up and was instantly in love.    You can also DIY some really cute calendars.  My favorite is the cute critter display here.  There are so many possibilities!

Prepping the Advent Calendar

Prepping the Advent Calendar

For me, creating the activities for the Advent Calendar can be tricky.  My hubby and I both work full time with “regular” jobs, and we can’t afford to be doing big activities on the weekends.  I like to keep the items on the calendar small for the weekdays, and place the time consuming ones on the weekends where we have the room to play.  We have also packed up all of our movies and placed them in storage, so I’ve used the ABC family channel to schedule movies in the calendar.  You can also use Netflix or Amazon prime if you want different movies.  There will still be some longer nights, but it’s worth it for our family traditions.  It seems to me like this year is especially important for me to try to keep those traditions that we can, since our life has been turned upside down.  But as I’m typing this, I see my daughter chilling on the couch playing video games and I know she’s pretty darn resilient and up for adventure.

Decorating our Tiny Tree, don't mind Max Photobombing us!

Decorating our Tiny Tree, don’t mind Max photobombing us!

I’ve typed out the Advent Calendar so we can link to ideas to further expand on it, but down below is a quick printable list.  If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s to keep this list printed and handy so you know what is next on the calendar and you won’t get caught without S’mores supplies on S’mores day!

2015 Advent Calendar

1. Bring old towels to the animal shelter-  Kids love this! Bonus, you get to pet puppies!

2. Make a bookmark for your librarian (Watch the Grinch)- The corner heart idea is very cute, and you can use some really fancy paper!

3. Write a letter for Santa!  Be sure to mail it to the north pole, or email it!

4. Family Game Night (kids choose)- Always a groan from the parents. Why is it Munchkin every time?

5. Take a Family Photo (Watch Elf)- For us, the traditional pile on the couch photo will work.

6. Shop and donate to Toys for Tots.

7. Make Paper Snow Flakes – And always put the results in your windows!

8. Have a Fancy Dinner (dress up and candles).  The meal probably won’t be fancy, but we sure will use fancy Ketchup!  We just put on dresses and bowties while using as much silverware as possible.  I like to do this to teach the kiddo table manners, she likes seeing daddy in a t-shirt and bowtie.

9. Make hot cocoa and drive around to see the lights.

10. Make Christmas Cards – If you are feeling fancy, try these.  I love the yarn ornament on it, but we will probably stick to colored paper and glue here.

11. Bake Cookies- My favorite recipe is this one.

12. Take treats to Police Station- Because they deserve it!

13. Take the kids Christmas shopping for family – Another necessary evil, like family game night.  But the kiddos have fun.  Just make a list before you start, so you can save your sanity.

14. Sing and Dance everything- For bonus points, wear socks and skate around to the Nutcracker in the kitchen.

15. Get a new book- That’ll keep her busy for a minute while I make some Gluhwein.

16. Make an ornament- I think we are going to try to make this one this year, since it is age appropriate and light for our tiny tree.

17. Look up Christmas jokes online

18. Make S’mores

19. Make a gingerbread house-  So this one is a little disappointing for me since we may end up doing a kit.  We usually make a house from scratch with rulers and way to much money put into it than what is reasonable for an adult. And we have started a tradition where we set the whole thing on fire for our New Year’s Eve party.  All under the excuse of burning up the bad or some junk like that.  Who cares, sugar is awesomely flammable.

20. Donate canned goods to the food pantry

21. New PJs

22. Popcorn and Harry Potter movie marathon- No it’s not really a Christmas show, but somehow the music makes it almost holiday like.

23. Build a Lego Centerpiece- Or you could check out these cool little winter village sets!

24. Read ‘Twas the Night

25. Hugs and Kisses all around- Because this beats presents any time of the year!


I’ll try to share with you our activities as we go through the month.  I’m thankful for this past year and having a small home of our own while we are moving to a new location instead of hotels and rental units.  It’s been nice having our things with us in this transition, and we love our little wheeled home.

2015 Advent Calendar mymovinglife.com

2015 Advent Calendar mymovinglife.com


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