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Monthly Archives:November 2015

Moving Out Quickly!

And… we are back to frantic mode again!  The hubby and I are so happy that the offer worked out, and we have come to a deal.  Our house is officially off the market and in contract.  The catch is that we have to be moved out in exactly 7 days from today.  7 days!

Even with our house staged, we still had a full house of furniture.  So what have we done in the last couple days?

Unloading the trailer

Unloading the trailer

Our House is Finally for Sale!

Lease to Purchase offer

Good News:  We had a potential buyer look at our house

Great News:  Said potential buyer made a great offer for the house

Scary News:  Potential buyer wants to lease the house while waiting for their own house to sell.

So this weekend has been an emotional roller coaster for the hubby and I to say the least.  We were delighted when our realtor called us up on Friday night and said there was a potential buyer who wanted to maybe look at the house.  Cue the small happy dance.  He called back on Saturday morning to let us know that the seller’s agent would be taking a tour of the home.

The Peter Anderson Festival Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Exploring the Peter Anderson Festival

Peter Anderson Festival - Ocean Springs, MS

Hanging out with a mermaid. The Kiddo was thrilled as you can tell.

What a beautiful day!  The Kiddo and I spent the morning exploring the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  “What is that?” you ask.  Well it happens to be a great little two day festival featuring the talented local artists here.  It was named after Peter Anderson, of course, a local artist who lived in Mississippi.  Also, one of the best places to go gift shopping in South Mississippi.  I fell in love with so many things, and I think I am going in for round two tomorrow.  It started raining at noon while we were out, so we had to head home early *sad face*.  But I grabbed as many vendor business cards on the way back to our card so I could share some of my favorite artists I saw with you!


"Peace is Always Beautiful" - Walt Whitman

The Longfellow House "Bellevue"- Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Pascagoula, Mississippi

Pascagoula, Mississippi has a special place in my heart.  I was born in the hospital there, and my dad lived there for many years.  I always find myself returning there when I can, for a look into how it has changed.  It’s such an odd little town , built on industry and the water.  I grew up there hearing about the Legend of the Singing River and other ghost stories of this area rich with history.