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Monthly Archives:December 2015

The Gulfport Harbor Lights

This weekend the little girl and I had a great time at Jones Park, Gulfport.  We were able to see the Gulfport Harbor Lights.  For a first annual show, I am so proud of the whole set-up.  We had a great night just relaxing and walking  around, looking at the light show.  I’ve never been to anything like this, so seeing it for the first time with my little one, made it very special for the both of us.

The Gulfport Harbor Beach at Sunset

The Gulfport Harbor Beach at Sunset

We started out the day by walking on the beach because we arrived a little too early.  The sky and weather were both beautiful, and it made for a perfect start.  We had the beach to ourselves and could have made sand angels. . . but I value my sanity when cleaning out my car.