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A Little About Us:  

www.mymovinglife.com started as a blog about the transition between that stage of a being young family and the next chapter of retirement.  We still blog, and will continue to share this story, but have decided to go in a different direction with our life.   My husband and I have always wanted to own our own business, and have tossed around many ideas.  Some of them great, and some not so great! (I still dream of an indoor dog park.) However, with encourgagement from our friends and family we decided to use our Christmas gifts to each other to bring one of these crazy ideas to life.  Real estate photography was the perfect match for us, and we knew we could make this happen.  Both of us have years of experience in electronics, management, and moving.  Becca’s first love is art, and Tony’s is gadgets.  Once we started talking about what it took and potential, we knew we could make it happen.  We were further motivated, when we sold our home to a buyer who put an offer in from the online profile alone.  We knew we had a knack for staging and home photography.

With real estate photography, we hope to bring beauty and ease to your moving process.  What we have learned from our many moves, is that a picture is truly worth a thousand words for potential buyers.  In our years of transitioning from home to home, we would often get frustrated because of poor photos or lack of photos on properties that sound very enticing.  We want to help you reach every possible viewer, and create your home’s story

Terms and Policy:

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