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The Peter Anderson Festival Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Exploring the Peter Anderson Festival

Peter Anderson Festival - Ocean Springs, MS

Hanging out with a mermaid. The Kiddo was thrilled as you can tell.

What a beautiful day!  The Kiddo and I spent the morning exploring the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  “What is that?” you ask.  Well it happens to be a great little two day festival featuring the talented local artists here.  It was named after Peter Anderson, of course, a local artist who lived in Mississippi.  Also, one of the best places to go gift shopping in South Mississippi.  I fell in love with so many things, and I think I am going in for round two tomorrow.  It started raining at noon while we were out, so we had to head home early *sad face*.  But I grabbed as many vendor business cards on the way back to our card so I could share some of my favorite artists I saw with you!


"Peace is Always Beautiful" - Walt Whitman

The Longfellow House "Bellevue"- Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Pascagoula, Mississippi

Pascagoula, Mississippi has a special place in my heart.  I was born in the hospital there, and my dad lived there for many years.  I always find myself returning there when I can, for a look into how it has changed.  It’s such an odd little town , built on industry and the water.  I grew up there hearing about the Legend of the Singing River and other ghost stories of this area rich with history.

Finally on the market 

Our House is Finally for Sale!

Our House is Finally for Sale!

Yippee!  We finally have our home on the market.  I’m very excited and also relieved to have the stress of packing behind us for now.  The stress on my relationship with my family was heavy through the prep work.   I am so glad we pushed so hard and stuck to a deadline to put it on the market.  I am sure there will be a long wait before we get an offer, that’s the nature of this market.  I feel like we are ahead of the game and will sell the home in time for our move. Maybe that’s just the optimist in me beating down any doubt, but I’ll take it!

Real Estate Photos

Taking Real Estate Photos

It’s ready!!!  Finally, after weeks the house is ready to put on the market.  And now, It’s time for me to schedule a massage.  For real, I’m due for one and I can tell my muscles are knotted up on my lower back.  It feels like a spaghetti fork has twisted my muscles up there.  Anyway, back to the house.  As we were doing the final packing up for the house I started taking the house photos.  I’m sure the realtor will do a great job on his own taking photos, but wanted to have some back ups just incase we ended up with something like this.  So I had to get smart real quick on taking real estate photos.  I wanted to incorporate some of the things I liked from real estate listings I saw.  First, I’d like to state that in many areas real estate photographers are readily available.  If they are, use them!  They are slowly getting more popular here in South Mississippi, but most realtors do not use them here…yet.  We cannot afford to go out of pocket for taking real estate photos on our own, so we are stuck with the DIY method.  If that’s the case, I have some tips for pulling this off.  So without further adieu: