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The dogs are loving the RV!

I wanted to give you a quick updates on how the pups are doing.  The dogs are loving the RV!  The first week was rough, and we did end up with an accident, (the dog did, not me!) but we have a routine now and they are acting a little more calm. I’m sure by next week, it will be smooth like butter.  There are a couple things we have learned though since moving into the camper with them.  I’m pretty surprised at how much more we are attuned to them.

Max carrying his little poop bag pill

Max carrying his little poop bag pill

2015 Advent Calendar made easy!

We ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Pt. 2 “The leftovers return”, all thanks to my in-laws.  It’s been years since someone else has cooked the big meal for me, so this was absolutely wonderful!  What a great break!  With all of this extra time, I was able to focus and create our Advent Calendar for December.  I usually make one with cardstock and put it on the wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree, but space is at a premium these days.  So, I picked up this cute one at Target.  This really was an impulse buy, but I knew as soon as I saw it, it would be perfect.  The little pockets are perfect for a slip of paper and a small piece of candy.  My daughter saw it hung up and was instantly in love.    You can also DIY some really cute calendars.  My favorite is the cute critter display here.  There are so many possibilities!

Prepping the Advent Calendar

Prepping the Advent Calendar

Moving Out Quickly (Pt. 3)

So we are here! When we last left off on our adventure, we were packing our life into storage units and moving into the camper. Well, we managed to do that, and I thought it was going to kill us! There’s so much more I wish I were able to do. I wish I was able to clean the house up more. I wish I was able to pack the RV better. And I wish we had done more laundry before moving in. Time doesn’t wait for wishes though!

Empty Dining Room

Empty Dining Room

First Camping Trip

So we embarked on our first camping trip this weekend.  To say it was a first camping trip is a bit of a stretch, but it was the first time for us to take a camping trip in our RV!  But the road to fun was rocky.  First off, the hubby and I have been very busy with work this past week.  I had a break on my statistics class, which was good luck.  No quiz…woohoo!  But this was graduation week for my teaching job, and we had several employees out due to position turnover.  All this just equates to me being busy and doing enough work for two or three employees.  The hubby was the same with several work emergencies popping up, and he almost asked to back out of the trip.  I’m glad we went.  By 5:45 PM we were able to pull our rig out for the adventure.  I’ll be honest, hooking it up was really easy!

First Camping Trip- Rolling Out

Rolling Out on our trip

Weekend Catch-up: The camper is level!!

My husband is the MacGyver of the home. He is the Einstein of power tools and the Davinci of lumber.  Guess what he did?  He and that handy little girl of ours have built a ramp-platform thing to level the camper on.  We have been a bit frustrated these past couple weeks because of our uneven driveway.  The slope was so great that it would have been unsafe to use the slides and open her all the way up.  But now, thanks to this engineering marvel they have created, we can open her all the way up!  So check out the photo.  It’s made with 2x6s and was super heavy to place.  Backing the camper in place on top of it was much easier than expected.  This is by no means a great permanent solution, but for our temporary purposes, it works.  We can now pack up without squeezing through the bathroom to get into places.  I’m so stoked!

Leveling the Camper

A picture of our temporary ramp.