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2015 Advent Calendar made easy!

We ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Pt. 2 “The leftovers return”, all thanks to my in-laws.  It’s been years since someone else has cooked the big meal for me, so this was absolutely wonderful!  What a great break!  With all of this extra time, I was able to focus and create our Advent Calendar for December.  I usually make one with cardstock and put it on the wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree, but space is at a premium these days.  So, I picked up this cute one at Target.  This really was an impulse buy, but I knew as soon as I saw it, it would be perfect.  The little pockets are perfect for a slip of paper and a small piece of candy.  My daughter saw it hung up and was instantly in love.    You can also DIY some really cute calendars.  My favorite is the cute critter display here.  There are so many possibilities!

Prepping the Advent Calendar

Prepping the Advent Calendar

Walking with purpose

Last weekend’s post was late due to loss of my sanity  camera.  I blame it on the camera, but truthfully, I just didn’t have the time!  Thankfully it was just in the hubby’s truck and not actually loss.  I love that little point and click.  This past Saturday, our family took a break from the packing and just chilled.  It was everything we hoped it would be and more!  At this point, I would say we are about 75% ready to put our house on the market.  So what did we do with our Saturday?   A little bit of everything!  We started out by wearing a little pink and taking the dogs to a “Making Strides Walk”.  It was a lot of fun and there was so much energy.  I love taking those rascals to events like this.  They always end up with lots of smiles and pats.  Max was really freaked out with the large crowd, but Mini loves it all!

Making Strides

Biloxi Making Strides Walk. This was our team.