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Weekend Catch-up: The camper is level!!

My husband is the MacGyver of the home. He is the Einstein of power tools and the Davinci of lumber.  Guess what he did?  He and that handy little girl of ours have built a ramp-platform thing to level the camper on.  We have been a bit frustrated these past couple weeks because of our uneven driveway.  The slope was so great that it would have been unsafe to use the slides and open her all the way up.  But now, thanks to this engineering marvel they have created, we can open her all the way up!  So check out the photo.  It’s made with 2x6s and was super heavy to place.  Backing the camper in place on top of it was much easier than expected.  This is by no means a great permanent solution, but for our temporary purposes, it works.  We can now pack up without squeezing through the bathroom to get into places.  I’m so stoked!

Leveling the Camper

A picture of our temporary ramp.