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They really are beautiful pups.  And SOOOO soft.

A Wheaten Terrier is the best kind of friend

Since they are in my photos so much, I have to share some information about my two little fur babies.  When we moved back to America after a tour in Germany, we promised the kids we could get a puppy.  I was reluctant, since I knew they were a big responsibility and frankly did not want to clean up after them all of the time.  The housetraining, the fur, the slobber. . . it’s a bit much for a non-dog owner to come to terms with.  We started talking about they type of dog we wanted in our life.  Our list included: low fur maintenance, medium sized, likes family and kids, all around friendly, but trainable.  He or she had to be something my in-laws could pick up and hug, but not so small that my youngest daughter would hurt it by picking it up.