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The Gulfport Harbor Lights

This weekend the little girl and I had a great time at Jones Park, Gulfport.  We were able to see the Gulfport Harbor Lights.  For a first annual show, I am so proud of the whole set-up.  We had a great night just relaxing and walking  around, looking at the light show.  I’ve never been to anything like this, so seeing it for the first time with my little one, made it very special for the both of us.

The Gulfport Harbor Beach at Sunset

The Gulfport Harbor Beach at Sunset

We started out the day by walking on the beach because we arrived a little too early.  The sky and weather were both beautiful, and it made for a perfect start.  We had the beach to ourselves and could have made sand angels. . . but I value my sanity when cleaning out my car.

The Cure For Anything

The cure for anything is saltwater. mymovinglife.com

The cure for anything is saltwater.

Moving Out Quickly! (Part 2)

We are on Part 2 of “Moving Out Quickly”.  I am trying to hang on to my sanity while my house looks like it has been through an unnatural disaster.  Thankfully, I’ve had some flexibility with work and have been able to do a great deal of packing.  Here’s the run down on the last couple days:

We have officially bought out all of the Heavy Duty Boxes in the store

We have officially bought out all of the Heavy Duty Boxes in the store. . . and nice socks

Day – 5: We called the electric company and water company to make sure we weren’t missing anything when it comes to transferring ownership.  We gave the realtor that information to pass on.  I opened a P.O. Box and sent a mail forwarding notice in to the Post Office.  I stopped by the kiddo’s school to write a note that she would now be a car rider.  So far she has not missed any school in this huge transition.  The Hubby and I packed up our offices and emptied the bedroom closets except for our clothes.  At the end of the night, in a move of desperation, I made some Thanksgiving Pancakes to add some cheer and use up items in our pantry/fridge.  They were a success!  After that, I used a little deep tissue massage to work out a knot in the Hubby’s back so we can press on for the next day.  The pressure is starting to build.  We are all super excited the house has sold, but now I feel like we are running out of time.

Moving Out Quickly!

And… we are back to frantic mode again!  The hubby and I are so happy that the offer worked out, and we have come to a deal.  Our house is officially off the market and in contract.  The catch is that we have to be moved out in exactly 7 days from today.  7 days!

Even with our house staged, we still had a full house of furniture.  So what have we done in the last couple days?

Unloading the trailer

Unloading the trailer

The Peter Anderson Festival Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Exploring the Peter Anderson Festival

Peter Anderson Festival - Ocean Springs, MS

Hanging out with a mermaid. The Kiddo was thrilled as you can tell.

What a beautiful day!  The Kiddo and I spent the morning exploring the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  “What is that?” you ask.  Well it happens to be a great little two day festival featuring the talented local artists here.  It was named after Peter Anderson, of course, a local artist who lived in Mississippi.  Also, one of the best places to go gift shopping in South Mississippi.  I fell in love with so many things, and I think I am going in for round two tomorrow.  It started raining at noon while we were out, so we had to head home early *sad face*.  But I grabbed as many vendor business cards on the way back to our card so I could share some of my favorite artists I saw with you!