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Our House is Finally for Sale!

Lease to Purchase offer

Good News:  We had a potential buyer look at our house

Great News:  Said potential buyer made a great offer for the house

Scary News:  Potential buyer wants to lease the house while waiting for their own house to sell.

So this weekend has been an emotional roller coaster for the hubby and I to say the least.  We were delighted when our realtor called us up on Friday night and said there was a potential buyer who wanted to maybe look at the house.  Cue the small happy dance.  He called back on Saturday morning to let us know that the seller’s agent would be taking a tour of the home.

Choosing the Realtor

The Hubby and I have been talking for a while now on what company we were going to choose to be our realtor.  To be honest, our credit union has a great program that cuts refunds back to you some of commission your realtor gets from the sell of the house.  We have found though, from our experience that most of the realtors who opt in for this program are inexperienced and are trying to drum up business for a good reputation.  We don’t want to risk having a not so good realtor putting our house on the market so we have been shopping around on our own and won’t be using this program.