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Staging a home: Decorating a Plant Ledge

Plant Ledge.  Ugh.

So this falls under “Things I’m not really excited to do when trying to sell my home.”  To me, staging a home means no longer making it your own.  Trying to erase what is quirky and unique about your style and to make it sell-able.  This means showcasing things in your house you have overlooked or neglected, and trying to cheer it up.  When we bought this house, we knew that we would not be living in it for more than a few years.  I’m surprised we have stayed at this location for almost 6 years now!  That is a long time for us.  While house hunting, we looked for things that were not faddish, and a layout that fit the typical buyer.  It is not my style, but it will do.  And it has done a great job for the past 6 years.  It put 1 kid through college, one through High School and enlisting into the military.  And for our youngest, it has been her only school system she’s known.